Tyranny of Dragons

Chasing down leads in El Turel

21 of Elient

We arrived in El Turel, the city of paladins, seeking the inn of Unthar Frume. After an extensive search throughout the city we were able to track him down in the inn of the Red Stag. We each took comfortable rooms in preparation for our tasks the next day. Lian left the inn early to meet with his contacts at the monastery of the Four Elements.

Lian attempts to engage Unthar to discuss the rumors he has acquired and to ascertain the whereabouts of Liosin. Unthar is so drunk he cant even take two minutes to speak. He asks me to meet him later after he has had some time to gather his wits about him, around 8 in the evening, 12 hours from now. What a waste of time.

Gracchus has gathered a group of followers around him as he has provided blessings to those he has passed in our journey from Berdusk. His followers direct him to the temple where he is able to find nourishment to his soul as well more individuals seeking his blessing. He is slowly gaining a name for himself as a very competent and kindly healer.

D’vynn sees a fellow tiefling as he entered the city and slowly moseyed over to him. With a sidelong glance, they duck into a nearby alley and they began to exchange some info about the more seedy parts of the city. Following their conversation, D’vynn wanders into a basement and then through a few doors and finds himself in an underground market.

He scans the slaves on sale and makes a few discreet inquiries regarding a few of the more sturdy chaps. He then sees a women, bent over with age, standing outside a covered stall near a darkened corner of the room. She crooks a finger at him and nods over her shoulder at her stall. D’vynn looks around, surprised that she has singled him out from the people in the room and is intrigued at what this woman has to do with him.

He enters into her stall and sits down on the cushion she indicated. She begins to draw cards from a deck, working out his fate. The only card that consistently was shown is that of death. D’vynn scoffs at her foretellings and leaves in a huff.

On his way back out of the market, he stops by the slaves market and through some careful negotiating tactics is able to procure 3 slaves and Bork, a large sword-wielding mercenary.

Tiberius spends his time in the city making inquiries about his family. Unfortunately his search yields no fruit and he still holds onto hope that they are alive. His hopes are rapidly diminishing as the news he has received is more and more dire.

Korin takes this time to meet up with the nobles in the city and begins negotiating with the lords and ladies to send assistance down to Greenest. He spends all day and most of the night in sessions discussing what he has learned and is eventually able to address and meet with the Lords of El Turel.

Our party gathers at the Red Stag Inn, waiting patiently for Unthar to make it down the stairs so our party can speak with him. As he mingles throughout the crowd, he eventually arrives at our table and asks for our name. Lian tells him that his name is Liosin. As this name is spoken, Unthar flies into a rage and begins to attack Lian.

As this unfolds, the patrons in the Inn leap to their feet in apparent readiness to come to Unthar’s aid if need be. Graccus reveals his holy symbol and instantly the people inn calm. D’vynn reaches his hand out Unthar and immediately he begins to calm down. Once he regains his senses, he tells us that we should follow him.

We accompany him to his room. His arm raises slowly and points to a closet in the room across from his bed. Lian crosses the room and slowly opens the door. His senses are assaulted by the sickly sweet smell of sulfur. A coffin is laid out in the room. Lian approaches and is able to see within the coffin. Liosin’s mangled body lay in disarray in the coffin, in several distinct pieces. On top of the coffin lay a note, which say. We are tired of your meddling. Leave the Cult of the Dragon in peace. Marked with a sign of the dragon.

We shut the door and discuss with Unthar what this means. Though it takes some convincing, we are able to get him to provide us with some more details about the rumors he has heard. He confirms what Gracchus heard in the bar. A group of some type left Greenest and was seen heading toward Baldurs Gate.

Unthar promises to give us a letter of introduction to a merchant friend of his in Baldur’s Gate so we can meet up with this caravan. However, before we leave, we mournfully attend Liosins funeral and say a few words over his body in prayer and blessing.

As Unthar prepares our travel arrangements for our trip to Baldur’s Gate, we gather certain items in order to be able to disguise ourselves.

The following day, we board our ship and head to Baldur’s Gate, hopefully arriving in 3 days.


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