Tyranny of Dragons

Bill the Pony needs our help! and other tales...

End of Marpenoth and beginning of Uktar

We awake and begin our breakfast during a very foggy morning. As everyone grabs a mug of coffee and begins to stumble about preparing for the day, a few shadows emerge from the darkness. All of a sudden, our campsite is overrun by spiders and ettercaps. As we fight for our lives, the ettercaps target our horses and begin to drag them off into the forest. As soon as each ettercap has grabbed a horse, the spiders disengage and turn to flee. We are left hurting very badly and would have all perished except for the timely aid given to us by Gracchus.

After ascertaining the status of the caravan, we determine that all of the horses have been taken and the caravan is effectively stuck in place unless we can rescue the horses. So we gather about Korin and follow him as trails the path left by the ettercaps and the horses. After several hours of tracking down the horses, we come to a heavily wooded area where webs link the trees in an unending span.

Korin and Lian sneak up to a glade hidden among the trees where they see the ettercaps wrapping the horses in webs. After a short consultation, Fingrash attaches some clockwork toys to the panther and send him out amongst the ettercaps. Like a moth to a flame the ettercaps and spiders, chase after the panther leaving the horses unattended.


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