Tyranny of Dragons

Fingrish's Triumph

He remembered it well, the blue scaled creature that was an a front to his god. The foul creature had stood outside the fort of Greenest and held a family. He remembered the husband wanting to sacrifice himself to the beast for his family. He could not let that happen. He took the fathers place and faced the blue drgonkin in combat. He fell, painfully. But the mark left on his flesh was not nearly as terrible as the mark left on his soul. But the dragon was honorable for such an evil creature and kept his word releasing the family. While a great loss for himself it also brought him closer to the group that saved him after he fell.

He swore silently to himself that he would take vengeance on the blue beast and end its life. It took all of his willpower to not challenge the dragon when they first arrived at the cultist camp, and again when the teifling informed them that it was down that hole. Instead he waited, saved up his energy and prepared. When his eyes locked with the dragon’s he strode forward and let loose a challenge of single combat. He gave a small grin as the dragonkin accepted and headed to face it. His first blow hit true and Bahamut’s wrath filled his blade as he sliced into the beast. The dragonkin’s own blades hit though rarely as fiercely as his own. Though the dragon used all his might to fell the proud Gnome, the cleric gave a small prayer and brought him back to the world of the waking. As breath filled his lungs he stood and swung his blade,still glowing with holy light, and sliced through the dragonkins head, toppling it over and panting heavily on top of his felled enemy.

As the party cleaned up the rest of the cave system and pulled the dragon eggs they had been sent to collect from the swampy muck, he pulled the mighty great sword that was easily taller and maybe even twice the size of himself, away from the fallen dragonkin and snugly put it on his back. It was heavy but he was strong for almost any race.

He had claimed his trophy and slain an evil dragonkin for his god.


Great post. Love the writing and how it exposes Fingrishes mentality.

Fingrish's Triumph
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