Tyranny of Dragons

From Baldurs Gate and onto Waterdeep

25th of Elient

We disembark in Baldurs Gate and head to the trade office of Akin Selabon. We pass him our letter of introduction from Unthar Frume and he looks us over for a second time, this time with a bit more care.

He lets us know that he could probably get us set up as caravan guards for the next mercenary train that rolls by if its the one we think it is. We spend a few days within the city waiting for the cultist bands to arrive. We establish our bona fides as a group of mercenaries and after spending a few days getting to know the patrons, Akin has set up interviews for each of us. Fortunately, each of us are selected in some capacity as mercenary guards for the next caravan that is leaving. We join up and begin the long, tedious to Waterdeep.

After we have travelled on our way, we have few incidents that elicit any type of requirement for our services. The only real exciting incident is when our caravan is beset by a few peratons. They wreaked havoc among the caravans, scared off a few horses, but overall they were dispatched without much difficulty,

The next incident we come across is one in which we see a group of individuals firing upon a caravan. After we sneak closer, we see a well ordered group of hobgoblins surrounding a caravan. Fingrash approaches them and attempts to negotiate their release. He uses some quick thinking and is able to persuade the hobgoblins to allow us to go through as well as release the other caravan. The other caravan is grateful for our assistance and joins us as we continue our journey to Waterdeep.


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