Tyranny of Dragons

Investigating the Dragon Cult - infiltrating the Camp and Extracting Liosin

4th - 6th of Elient

After being trounced by the rear guard of the Dragon Cult, we realized that maybe, just maybe, fighting each and every member of the cult may not be the best option. So as soon as we snuck up to the camp of the Dragon Cult, we looked over the hundreds, maybe a thousand followers and debated on whether or not we could fight our way in and out of the camp. We are not always the most astute individuals but we eventually reach a satisfactory conclusion. Camp Rumors

Our first task included a quick reconnaissance of the area. Afterwards we compared notes and identified the main tent, two watch towers, a protected cave entrance, and Content Not Found: null’s contact tied to a post. All in all, not a very small encampment. Through a few charms and skullduggery, we were able to enter the camp unobserved and mingle with the campers and gather bits and pieces of information from several of the groups that made up the camp.

We identified several mercenary groups as well as several cultist groups. Through our meanderings within the camp, we were surprised by how little order existed amongst the followers. With the precision the cultists had shown in their overwhelming display of power in Greenest, we had expected a more military organization here. Our expectations couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Lian was able to make to contact with Liosin, his contact, and after we had regrouped, we devised a plan to extricate him from his perch. Lian cast a minor spell so we were able to stealthily approach Liosin and untie his bonds. Thanks to the healing potion we slipped him, he was rather refreshed and was able to accompany us without too much trouble.

With Liosin in our midst, we were able to make our way back to Greenest without trouble. He informed us about the motives and designs of the Dragon Cult and their aims now make much more sense. In short, the cult is sacking towns to acquire people and gold to raise the standard of Tiamat once more. The cavern we saw is the location of several dragon eggs that are stored in a secure location deep underground.

Now we have a decision to make. Do we continue investigating the Dragon cult or do we try and capture more information about those that are making the decisions at the camp? We have the rest of the evening to decide. We head out again in the morning.


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