Tyranny of Dragons

Misery in Haster

Farmers and Kobolds - 13th of Elient

We returned to Greenest after defeating Frulam and Cyanwrath in the dragon hatchery. While there, we returned gold and silver to Mayor Torball and asked him to distribute these goods to the people that most needed it. He was overly impressed with our generosity and promised to let the surrounding towns and villages know of our heroic deeds.

We left Greenest and made our way to Scornubel passing through Berdusk, where we stopped, resupplied and continued our journey with the utmost haste. On our way to Scornubel, we came upon a town called Bywater, where the most gruesome and vile scene lay before our eyes.

In our immediate view, we see a group of white, flabby bodies dancing around a shrine made of bodily waste and other detritus. As these villagers danced and frolicked in a large circle, another group of villagers lay curled in the fetal position rclutching their horribly bloated and distended stomachs. Some of the bodies lay dead, with viscera and entrails lay exposed and small two legged creatures wobbling about. The last group of villagers stand around the well, spitting and retching blood and small flecks of flesh.

The dancing villagers invite us to come take the worm and join in the revelries. Fingrash scans the villagers and immediately detects the evil aura that surrounds this place. Lian sees the mark of the dragon cult upon the bodies of those dancing and rushes into battle to slay them. D’vynn’s horse is spooked by the crazy chants and noise emanating from the villagers and drags him off into the darkness.

Fingrash, Tiberius and Lian leap into the fray to combat the cultists, while Gracchus and Korin fire into the crowd from distance. After a short time, the cultists are all destroyed. The wanton destruction of all the evil evident in the area sickens and confuses us. We can’t understand how these simple farmers can engage in such wanton acts of brutatlity.

We are jostled from our thoughts by a loud scream emanating from the nearby inn. Fingrash rushes into the room and is shocked to see these normally staid villagers engaging in all types of sexual depravery. The mark of the dragon lies upon the back of one person and we immediately see the influence of the dragon cult upon these people. Though we try to avoid it, we slaughter the people inside as they run themselves upon our weapons.

We leave the building sickened by what we have seen and done. We discuss what we’ve done and try to determine the best way to dispose of the bodies and to cleanse the village so no one else would ever have to witness this again.
As we look around, we see a building off in the distance, where we can hear glass tinkling and voices murmuring.

We journey to the house and see a group of individuals gather around drinking and laughing, one voice is heard above the others to say, “This village has been very profitable.”

Upon this being heard, D’vynn throws a rock at the window, breaking it and tosses in a Molo’tov’koko’tiel right behind the rock. Immediately, the inhabitants of the house try to escape. Fingrash does his best to fight these cultists but he is knocked down several times. Thanksfully Gracchus prevents him from dying. After a brief tussle, the cultists are defeated. We burn the bodies of the villagers and burn the village down to the ground. The evil of Haster will not be seen by anyone else.

We journey to Scornubel, where we rest for a day or so to trade and exchange our gems and gold, speak to the priests in the temple, and prepare for our journey to El Turel.


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