Tyranny of Dragons

The Dragon Hatchery - More to edit

10th of Elient

We leave Liosin to his travel north to El Terel and head back to the camp of the dragon cultists. We plan our arrival to occur in the evening to avoid detection. We hide ourselves above the entrance to the camp and observe what is going on.
The camp seems to be very lax in its discipline. The guards outside the entrance to the cave slouch against the sides of the cave. The tents have been cleared out accept for a few scattered around the camp ground.

We mingle for a few moments around the outside of the cave. One our group approaches the guards and tries to talk his way into the cave saying that he has a message from Cyanwrath. One of the guards leaves to take the message. The rest of our group approaches the remaining guards and immediately try to overpower them.

After a scuffle of a few moments, we are able to dispatch the guards without too much difficulty. We sneak further along and when the room divides into two parts, a path through a fungal garden or into a darkened hallway.


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