Tyranny of Dragons

The Golden Stag and the Dissolution of the Band of the Kobolds

We killed all the baddies...

The caravan leader bursts into the camp incredibly excited about what the hunters have just told him. The Golden Stag has appeared and we know where we have last seen it. The caravan leader puts a bounty on the stag of 1000gp as he wants to add it to his trophy collection.

After Lian Lao, DoK stays back to watch over the Dragon cultists, Korin leads the party into the woods to try and track the Stag. He finds the last location of the stag very easily and begins to follow his trail. However, he soon finds that the other members of the party have started tracking Korin so as to be there as soon as the stag is identified. Once Korin notices that the group is being followed, he casts fog to distract them and soon splits the party up to lead their followers astray.

Once the party splits up from within the fog, most of the followers get distracted by Sir Fingrash of the Silver Paladin’s and [[:gracchus | Gracchus] while Korin and Fingrish split away. They soon recover the tracks of the stag and are able to catch up to it.

However, as Korin gets closer to the stag he is amazed to see the stag change into the form of an elf. Lehonti introduces himself to Korin and explains that he is under the curse of the stag whenever his homeland is under threat. Until that threat is resolved he can not have the curse removed. Korin after some questioning agrees to help Lehonti later that evening after he has spoken to his party.

Korin returns to the group and explains what is occurring and they agree to help. They return to Lehonti and get a recap of who has been seen around the fortress. Korin explores the area surrounding the fortress and comes and describes the course of action that they should take. Within a few moments, they sneak to the back of the fortress and attempt to scale the wall to the ballistae at the corner of the fortress. Fingrish and Gracchus decapitate the guard below the wall and scale the wall to the ballistae in a single turn.

There, they throw the guard off the tower and alert the rest of the guards to their presence, to their detriment. The cultists try to climb the wall and every time they do so Fingrish chops them down. Tiberrius uses the ballistae to destroy the cultists leader and even a cleric that emerges from one of the side towers.

After decimating the cultists in the courtyard, we enter into the tower, we descend a set of stairs and open the door where we see the two bastard assassins that thrashed us on the road to Waterdeep. They recognize us immediately and approach to attack us. They are confident they are going to destroy us as they had before.

However, Gracchus casts a spell and immediately restrains one of the assassins. With one of the assassins out of commission, we make short work of the assasin and cleric. When the second assassin is freed from the restraining spell he runs to a trap door across the room and drops into a room below.

We explore the room where we uncover a lot of interesting info about this second dragon cult, the claw of the kobold. We capture a few jars where the worm is stored and a few interesting letters from Rezmir. We store this in our packs and head to the trap door.

We open the trap door only to be blasted by a dragonkin breath weapon. We hunker down and shoot at a drake and dragon kin until we are able to drop them until only the dragonkin is left. He seems to become enraged and blasts us repeatedly with his breath weapon until only Fingrish is left standing and is severly hobbled. The dragonkin sees an opening to escape. He goes to the base of the tree, snatches what is a dragon egg, and escapes through the trap door. Furtively looking over his shoulder to ensure that we did not follow him.

After recovering from the blasts of the dragonkin, we escape the fortress just barely before it faded into the feywild. Lehonti, in his elven form thanks us for this service to his domain and gives us an elven bow before he fades into the feywild with the fortress.


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