Human Cleric


Gracchus is an old cleric long in his journey through the world. From an early age he devoted his life to the work of Ilmater, his god. Aware of the growing tide of evil in his lands, he had gone out years earlier in search of the Cult of the Dragon, who he sensed was responsible for the changes of his land. Needing to have a base of operations, he had set himself up to pray and tend to the villagers of Greenest in their temple while he investigated what was occurring.

The evil was growing, until suddenly Chaos descended on the Town. Trying to protect the villagers from the Cult he brought them into the temple, only to be surrounded. Eventually he was saved by a group of adventures, who were set on taking on the Cult.

Leaving the village behind, he set off with the party, determined to take the Cult on first hand.


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