Remembering the Fallen

These first few days in Greenest have been difficult. A few of our number departed for their home, were slain in battle, or have been lost to us.

We remember them here:

Aelar – He provided a diversion for us as we entered the keep. He plead for us before the Mayor. Since that time, we have not seen him. Perhaps he used his skill to escape Greenest without harm. This is our hope.

Bersesh the Gnome Druid – Killed in battle. His death condemns us all. May we learn from his unnecessary fate. God forgive us.

Caius the Elvish Wizard – A brave hero always willing to help those in need and to provide a guiding light in our darkest hour. He came to Greenest to seek out information about these dragons and their cult. He has returned to his Elvish land to inform them of all he has seen.

Magnus Millborne the Dwarven Cleric – Magnus led us bravely into battle on numerous occasions. He was always willing to aid us in our time of need. Sadly, he took long to recover from the wounds he has received in battle and has gone home to recuperate more fully.

Vicorin Kazarek the Human Fighter – Rash and undisciplined, he died an ignominious death. He leaped into battle unprepared and outmatched on numerous occasions. He has fallen before kobolds and dragons. The latter dropped him to his doom.

Let us remember those that have aided us in our quest to destroy the Dragon cult. So say we all.

Remembering the Fallen

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